Cleaning and 10%

by agoodnow

Ever need a day to get your life together?  Today was that day for me. 

Some highlights from the day:

1. I cleaned my bathroom.  I then looked at my bathroom and said to myself, “That’s clean?!?!?”

2. Did my dishes.   For some reason I feel better about everything if the dishes are done.  Don’t ask why because I haven’t a clue.

3. Picked up dry cleaning.  The guy at the dry cleaners says to me, “Andrew, bro.  I thought you forgot about this stuff man!” 

4. Changed my sheets.  (I have been much better about that recently.  New sheets are much better to sleep in.)

5. Wrote a blog for the first time in 5 days.

6. Bought Advil.  (One week out from the Fairfield Half Marathon and things are starting to ache/hurt)

7. Went to the gym.  My new thing is doing pull-ups.  Seeing how I’ve lost a bunch of weight since I stopped eating “land animals” they have become much easier to do.

8. Watched soccer.  I never in my life thought I would give a fuck about soccer, but the World Cup is great.  I’m completely hooked.  True, some of it is boring, but it sure can be exciting too.

9. Watched some U.S. Open.  I like Phil.  Not because he is a big goofy guy or because he is a big goofy guy with a hot wife.  Rather, because if he wins the US Open one of my friends stands to benefit in a huge way financially (and not through betting, but through a licensed “Phil” product)    And Phil is really nice to the crowds in the tournaments he plays.

10. Took out my recycling.

I felt better after getting these things done.  Good day to get organized. 


Random thoughts:

My best friend and his fiance are at some pre-marriage, church retreat for the entire weekend.  I can see the lesson plan now…………

1. Give 10%

2. How to give 10%

3. Direct pay 10%

4. 10% of your salary and the Catholic church

5. 10%, Don’t ask no questions

6. If you make a dollar we want 10 cents

7. That is a nice watch, we want 10%

8. Legal bills are mounting – you can help by giving 10% of your salary to the church

9. Do you know what it takes to get into heaven?  You got it…..10%.

10.  WWJD = 10%

Reason 879 not to get married.


I wish I could play one round of golf like the pros.


I would like to play A round of golf this summer.


Thinking about how fast I’d like to run the half marathon.  Not sure if I’ll do as well as I did at the NYC half marathon, but I’m shooting to break my last time of 1:47.17.    I think I can make a run at it, but it will depend on how hot it gets.


Someone at work recently asked me if I lost, “A lot of weight recently?”   The answer…..I sure have.