Alexandria and Brooklyn

by agoodnow

 Alexandria –

One of my friend’s who got married back in 2008 just posted a number of pictures from his wedding on Facebook.  (Actually his wife did it.  He is far too lazy to take the time to post AND tag pictures from the most important day of his life.)  There are a few pictures of me as I was in the wedding party (I am the obvious “goy” in a pack of Jewish men) I noticed a few things about my appearance in the photos that I did not like.

Thoughts from September of 2008:

1. The wedding took place in September and I was noticeably pale.  Unhealthy even.  Then I realized that I was most likely spending ALL of my time in a bar that summer and got no direct sunlight. 

2. I had a fat face. 

3. I had more than one chin.

4. I was visibly “buzzed” in every picture taken.

5. It reminded me of the first and only time I lost my cell phone. 

6. It reminded me of walking around Alexandria, VA in my bare feet all weekend.  Not sure why I did that, but it just worked out that way.  At least it is a clean little town.

7. I kept thinking……..why are all my friends getting married?

8.  Should I call my ex while I’m in Alexandria? 

9. I wonder what it will take to get the girl from the front desk to come up to my room?  (I made it happen by requesting the mini-bar key)


Brooklyn –

I went with a friend to look at an apartment in Brooklyn last night.  Crown Heights…..yeah…….she will not be moving to that neighborhood, though $1200 for a decent sized one bedroom isn’t bad.  Then again there would be a lot of built in costs like purchasing mace, bars for the windows, and a large German Shepard. 

After looking at the apartment we went back to more of a yuppie neighborhood where we got a couple of beers.  While at the bar I got into an argument with a Spanish woman about the way you pronounce “Ronaldo” (she told me that I should be rolling my r’s and I told her that we were in America and we don’t roll our r’s here) and then I got into a disagreement with an angry, “Cujo like”  cat.   After the bar I did something that I have wanted to do for a VERY long time.  I sat on a stoop and drank beer.

Cheers to running a half marathon on Sunday!!!!!!!!