Race prep

by agoodnow

I read a research study done in Australia about how if you have a brief period of intense excercise followed by an immediate carb load your body will absorb the nutrients better and create a huge reservoir of energy.

So I woke up at 10 am today (after getting home at 4 am last night) and started rehydrating my body.  Once I did that I went to the grocery store and bought a bunch of carb loading food. 

Then I went to the gym.  Stretched and then……I got on the treadmill.  Ran at race pace for 2 minutes and  put the speed as high as it would go for one minute.  That sucked. I felt like I was going to fall the entire time.  Luckily I did not because I have no interest in running 13.1 miles tomorrow looking like I have road rash.

I’m in the process of loading up on the carbs.  I’m full.  Very full. I’d go as far as to say bloated.  The study I read and all of the people who have tried it said that would be the case.  The reviews also noted that they all had great results.  So I’m boiling up some pasta and drinking Powerade. 

I’m interested to see how it goes.

Some thoughts:

It is going to be humid tomorrow.  That sucks.


Ghana is far more athletic than the US.  It is currently 1-Nil (trying to use soccer terms here) in favor of the “Black Stars”


I was in Times Square last night.  It is a nightmare.  An absolute nightmare.  Tourists everywhere.  I think people’s IQ is halved when they go on vacation.


Taking Monday off from work.  I’m going to take the day to write.  


I’m going to bring my laundry to my Mom’s house.  Yeah, I’m 28 years old.


Excited for the race tomorrow, but nervous about the heat.   I’m calling 1:52.35