Nobody Died

by agoodnow

A few things to write about today.

1. We had a fairly large medical scare in my family recently that turned out to be ok.  Not great, but everyone is going to be ok.  I have been sort of out of it the last couple weeks because of this.  I was having a tough time concentrating on things like work and my running because they seemed so insignificant in comparison to the health of the people that I love.  Either way, I feel MUCH better today.  Like something of a weight is off of my shoulders/mind. 

2. Super proud of my Mom.  She recently started going to the gym and is really taking good care of herself.  She is getting into it.  There was a case of Gatorade in the pantry and a box of Cliff bars.  All of the pasta in the house was whole wheat.  Lots of fruit in the house.   I drove her car and she had her little weight lifting gloves in the center console (That made me laugh.  The thought of my 110 pound, 5’1 mother in the gym with her tough guy lifting gloves on must be quite the site.  I can see her going around giving fist bumps to all the meatheads. )

All kidding aside, it is great to see her taking  the initiative to get healthy.  

3. I took yesterday off to recover.  Best idea ever.

Ended up meeting a good friend of mine to watch some soccer and we worked a little on the screenplay that I have been toiling with for the last year or so.   He gave me some ideas as to how to construct the story and make the scenes come together.  Good stuff.  I felt like I had some direction in how I could make it happen rather than writing 452 scenes and putting them in a pile on my floor.  My organizational skills are probably about the same as Pig-Pen from Charlie Brown.

4. I hate using my AC in the apartment.  It was been running non-stop the last couple of days.  This heat is unreal.  This is old people dying type of heat.

5.  Soccer would be better if the refs didn’t suck and the players didn’t fall down and cry every 3 minutes.  It is like watching theatre half the time.

6. I can see what people have typed into search engines that makes this blog pop up for their search.  Yesterday, someone typed in “Fairfield half marathon 2010 Did anyone die?”   hahahahahahaha

The answer is no.

7. Who is ready for another 3 day weekend?  I am.  I am.