A whole lot of stupid

by agoodnow

Girl in front of me at Starbucks – on her cell phone.  Ordered same thing as me.  You would think that she would get her drink first.  Nope, guy behind the counter was so offended by her ignorance and blatant rudeness that he purposely gave me my beverage before serving her. 

Andrew and Starbucks guy 1 – Rude girl on cell phone – 0


Going to get drinks with people from college who I have not seen in years this evening.  In Times fucking Square.  This is the second night in a row that I will be venturing through the tourist hell known as Times Square.  What happened to the good ole 80’s where Times Square was a scary place? 


Saw Cyrus last night.  Eh.  Not that good. I was expecting funnier.  It was an awkward/tense type of funny.  Not exactly what I’m into.


I found a new unlimited salad bar place.  $6.53 vs. $8.03.   Cha ching.


Just finished “The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo”

Good stuff.  Read it if you haven’t already. 

No seriously, go read that fucking book.  It’s good.


“We should have let him buy a zoot suit when he wanted to back in college” – BK


I found a note slipped under my door from the girl in the apartment below me!!!!!!!!

It read:

(Heart) –  Her name – Her apartment number

I’m going to file that under “worst fucking idea ever”

Yeah.  That will work out.  Here is the conversation I could see occurring.

Girl in Apartment UNDER mine: “Where were you last night?

Me: “Ummm…..I went out”

GIAUM: “Well, I came up here and you weren’t home.  And the other night I could swear I heard your bed squeaking”

Me: “Ummmm…..yeah. I was jumping on my bed trying to……….. kill a……..spider.”

GIAUM: “For a half hour????”

Me:  “Yeah……….it was a really big spider.”

GIAUM: “Well next time you can ask me to come up and help.”

Me: “There’s a thought………….”

I’m dumb, but I’m not dumb enough to create the most unlivable situation in the world.   That would end one way: Badly.