Real World Writing

by agoodnow

I was informed last night (by an all too brutally honest friend) that in order for me to become a better writer I must start writing about something other than myself.  Ie.  I have to start writing articles that go outside of the “Andrew domain”.   According to her, I am also a terrible speller and thus a bad person, but I digress.  

So I have to come up with a story.  An article.  A hook.  A way to get published. Hmmmmm…..

Ok.  I think I can do that. 

So let’s think of things I am interested in writing about:

1. The War of 1812 – (the creole perspective)

2. Speed reading……is it bad for your eyes?

3. Can used Kleenex be recycled?

4. A history of American Express late fees

5. Midwestern farm equipment  and mangled children

6. Throw Pillows: America’s favorite bed accessory 

7. Jewish culture in Southern Connecticut (1890-1922)

8. The difference between long neck and short neck beer bottles – a scientific study

9. Interview with umbrella store owner entitled: Don’t drip on me

10. Emoticons:  Should they be used by men? 

Looks like I have lots of research to do.

(I actually have a real list that I’m keeping to myself.)

I do, agree with my friend who gave me a mental push to go outside of writing about myself.  As she put it, “Writing about yourself is easy.”  True.  Writing this blog is easy for me.  It is natural.  It is a place for me to vent, to express myself, and to put my thoughts in an open forum for people to browse. 

Writing about something/someone else…..that will be more difficult, but certainly a challenge I’m up for.  If I want to do this writing thing I need to start moving beyond my own realm and into the real world .