Feels like 103

by agoodnow

New York Weather Updated: Jul 6, 2010, 12:25pm EDT

Right Now   Sunny 100° F

Feels Like: 103° F

Wind: From NNE at 6mph Details Webcam | Video

That’s all I have to say about that……….


Half the world is on vacation this week.


I just ate lunch outside.  Not sure what I was thinking on that one. .


I’m ok with being consuming far too much beer and coffee.   I enjoy them both and they seem to off set each other.


In writing my book, I am trying  to describe where I grew up in Boston.  It is next to impossible for me to describe it in a way that does it justice.  Which means it is time for a trip to the North End of Boston. (I wonder if it is tax deductible because it is for research)  August 14th sounds good to me.

Marco – Put it down in ink buddy.  And get the wiffle ball bat out.


I’m confused about what direction my life is going.  But I’m ok, because at least it isn’t going backward.


I’m wondering when my landlord is going to figure out that my rent won’t get paid until I have a functioning fridge.  It is like living in the 1890’s.  I’m ready to buy ice to put in a cooler.