Weekend Rumblings

by agoodnow

Some notes from the weekend:

1. My favorite band put out an album 3 weeks ago and I did not know about it.  I would imagine that means I’m not that big of a fan.

2. Would the sun come out already?  I’m freezing over here!!!

3. I was sitting with a group of my high school friends enjoying a couple of beers on July 4th.  And then the chair I was sitting in decided to malfunction.  That is my way of saying that the chair broke from under me.  The leg of one of the white, plastic lawn chairs snapped.  I have never been on the ground so fast in my life.  I am laughing just thinking about it.  But yeah…..so much for having lost 23 pounds.  Time for the South Beach Diet or something.  I ended up with a bruised elbow, glass in my arm, and a sore abdomen from laughing so hard.

4. I played golf for the first time this year.  I played well. 10 over par for 15 holes.  Of course, I wonder how I would have played if I had not drank a 12 pack by the time we were done.   Had  fun.  Maybe it is the loner in me, but I love being disconnected from the rest of the world for 4 hours.  No cell phone.  Just some beer.  Some golf.  And usually great company.  

5. My little sister is going through her “I don’t want to listen to anyone or wear clothes” phase.  Let’s hope that passes sooner than later.

6.  I have a two uncles who just purchased Corvettes.    I have decided that I wouldn’t mind owning one.

7. The city smells so bad right now.  Garbage is literally cooking in the street.  I cringe thinking of the smells as I walked to the subway this morning.

8.  I don’t know what the hell I ate before I went to bed last night that made me dream of such weird shit, but that’s gotta stop. 

9. Facebook is getting old.  I know these posts link directly to Facebook, but the whole concept is getting a tad old.   I should not have instant access to such personal information as that site provides. 

10. Sun burnt.   Sun screen would have been a terrific idea this weekend.

11. Start running again today after my week off to recover from the half marathon.  Chicago Rock & Roll Half Marathon is the next stop on August 1st. 

I hope this post finds you in the comfort of air conditioning and shade.