I enjoy looking at people’s failures.  Not because they amuse me, but because failure is the best teaching tool available.  I would go as far as to say that people who fail and try again happen to be the most inspirational people in the world.  (Aside from people with disabilities who run marathons and things of that nature.  I mean, those people are just off the charts awesome human beings….but I digress)

I am writing this because after some thought, I realized that I have never experienced an enormous failure.  Sure, I fail all the time.   Most of us do.  But I’m talking about someone who has been wiped out.  They have nothing left.  Not a dime to their name.  Not a home to sleep in.  Not a shoulder to cry on.  Nothing other than the clothes on their back.   I know a few people who this has happened to.  Each and every one of them has managed to take from their previous failures (or perhaps they should be called “difficult learning experiences”) and done something far better.

Maybe I want to fail at something.  Maybe I need to fail at something.  Perhaps failure is the mark of someone who has tried.  Someone who has courage.  

So……it got me to thinking.   What would I be good at failing?

1. Owning a bar.  90% fail within the first two years.  I think my liver would fail first.

2. Writing the great American novel.  If I write one it will be American and I’m sure my Mother will think it is great, but that is about where the line will be drawn on my “Great American novel”

3. Ultra marathon running.  I can see myself at mile 46 just keeling over……..and being quite happy doing so.

4. Attempting to bench press 300 pounds.    I have skinny wrists and forearms that resemble small twigs.

5. Writing a screenplay.  Oh?  What’s that? I have already failed on that one?  Ok, moving on…..

6. Climbing the corporate latter.  I think my ladder is missing a few rungs somewhere near the bottom.  I seem to be stuck.

7.  Owning a plant.  Yeah, those tend to die quickly under my care.

8. Owning a cat. Yeah, those tend to……………..moving on.

9. Managing my own investments.  Thanks a lot Lithium Mining Companies.  I’m going to be eating pasta for the next year and a half.


It looks like there is a lot that I can fail at, thus making me the super successful person I desire to be.  I guess I should get moving on failing at some stuff.

Wish me luck.