Meet me in St. Louis

by agoodnow

A week without a post.  Sorry, won’t happen again. 

I spent the last two days in St. Louis. 

Some notes:

We have a real obesity problem in this country.   I went out for dinner in St. Louis and all of my food came drenched in butter, oil, or butter and oil.  It was gross.  The food was so saturated that it stopped being edible.  I had stuffed mushrooms that were FLOATING in a serving plate. 

The menu at the restaurant I was at didn’t even have a salad option that did not include ground up bacon.  Basically the options were meat and lettuce or just lettuce. 

Welcome to midwestern eating. 

As a quick sidenote take a look at the most recent survey of obesity rates by state:

State Obesity Rates for Adults

1. Mississippi 33.8%
2. Alabama 31.6%
3. Tennessee 31.6%
4. West Virginia 31.3%
5. Louisiana 31.2%
6. Oklahoma 30.6%
7. Kentucky 30.5%
8. Arkansas 30.1%
9. South Carolina 29.9%
10. North Carolina 29.4%
10. Michigan 29.4%
12. Missouri 29.3%
13. Ohio 29.0%
13. Texas 29.0%
15. South Dakota 28.5%
16. Kansas 28.2%
17. Pennsylvania 28.1%
17. Georgia 28.1%
17. Indiana 28.1%
20. Delaware 27.9%
21. North Dakota 27.7%
22. Iowa 27.6%
23. Nebraska 27.3%
24. Alaska 26.9%
24. Wisconsin 26.9%
26. Illinois 26.6%
26. Maryland 26.6%
28. Washington 26.3% 
29. Maine 25.8%
29. Arizona 25.8%
31. Nevada 25.6%
32. Virginia 25.5%
32. Minnesota 25.5%
32. New Mexico 25.5%
35. New Hampshire 25.4%
36. New York 25.1%
36. Florida 25.1%
36. Idaho 25.1%
39. Oregon 25.0%
39. Wyoming 25.0%
41. California 24.4%
42. New Jersey 23.9%
43. Montana 23.5%
44. Utah 23.2%
45. Rhode Island 22.9%
46. Vermont 22.8%
47. Hawaii 22.6%
48. Massachusetts 21.7% 
49. D.C. 21.5%
50. Connecticut 21.4%
51. Colorado 19.1%

Those numbers are beyond scary.   All of you people bitching about healthcare.  I have an idea for you.  Focus on the root of the problem.  It is everywhere.


My hotel was right next to the Arch.  It reminded me of when I drove cross country with my Dad about 15 years ago.  We went to the top of the Arch  (Not being a huge fan of heights I opted against going up there again.  That fucking thing sways and you can feel it)  It was probably one of the highlights of the trip. 

It is located in a beautiful area.  A large lawn and a walkway that borders the Mississippi.   If you are ever in the St. Louis area I highly encourage you to check it out.


My hotel was also next to the courthouse that held the Dred Scott trails. 

Can you believe that in 165 years this country has gone from a slave losing a trial where he sued for his freedom to having a black president?  That is somewhat astounding.

The courthouse itself is a really cool building. 


Every female bartender wore a red shirt. 


People hate the Red Sox in St. Louis because of 2004.   I guess I can’t blame them. 


They still allow smoking in bars……. (neanderthals)


The Alpha Kappa Alpha national sorority incorporated was hosting a national conference at the hotel where I was staying.  You could say I didn’t really fit in…………


The hotel had a free happy hour.  (I enjoyed that)


If anyone knows of “The Incident”  that occurred in Kansas City about 4 years ago………..

One of the other guys involved now lives in St. Louis.  We met up for drinks.  Luckily this time it did not end with me getting hit in the head with a baseball bat and going to the ER


I would not mind living in the midwest, but only for a little while.


Very clean city.  Very few pigeons.  Lots of homeless people.


I was approached by a homeless man who had a can of beer in his hand.  He just wanted to talk.  So we shot the shit as I walked down the street. He was talking about his  “bit ches”  and I asked him about the open container laws in Missouri.  Apparently they did not seem to phase him.