by agoodnow

Back when I was in high school there was a 2 mile stretch of highway from the school to my house.  It was flat, 4 lanes, and typically empty.  Each and everyday I would drive that stretch of highway and see how fast I could get my 1992 Honda Accord EX.  The fastest that 4 cylinder beast ever made it was 128 mph. 

To this day I’m not sure what the fuck was wrong with me, but driving that fast became addicting.  I always wanted that rush.  The feeling of “I’m not sure what’s going to happen next”.  There was the chance of getting caught.  There was an adrenaline rush. 

I bring this up because yesterday I was driving along I-65 in Missouri and realized that I was going 72 mph in my rented Nissan Versa. 

“Whoa!!! Gotta slow it down.  Bring it back to 62.  Can’t be going that fast.  I’m driving like a maniac over here!!!!!” 

I took into account a few things

1. By getting pulled over it would cause me to be late for a meeting with a client.

2. A ticket would cost me $300.

3. My insurance would go up drastically. (When I get insurance again…..)

4. I have no need to go fast anymore.  I just don’t care to.

5. Ok, #4 is a lie.  I love going fast.  But not the point of it costing me time and money.

6. I like accelerating fast more than driving 100 mph. 

7. I only drive crappy rental cars  that have lawn mower engines in them.

8.  I think that I have used up all of my “Driving like an asshole and getting away with it” points. 

9.  I still make the tires screeching noise when I go around corners fast…….yes, like a 5 year old.

Sidenote – I saw an accident yesterday.  Two cars smashed into each other head on at an intersection.   Both drivers looked to be ok, but the funny thing is that there were two police cars at the intersection as well.  How’s that for convenient.  (both cars looked like rentals)