The Ultimate Catch??

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has a “finding love” reality dating show.

“Ochocinco, The Ultimate Catch”  Wow.  Just wow. 

And we’ve hit a new low.

Out of sheer curiosity I have decided to watch the show.  My IQ has gone down 35 points in the last 12 minutes.  It looks like VH1 sent out a casting call for women with DD’s who did not bother graduating from high school.  I can say without reservation that I think 3 of them are legitimate prostitutes. 

Chad is thinking to himself one day:

“You know what, I want my own reality dating show.  I make a ton of money, I am a pro athlete, why not round up some hot, slutty women and put them in a house for for a month with a fully stocked bar and see how many of them will sleep with me? ”

” I know, I’ll call Tiger Woods and get his large black book.  I’m sure he won’t mind”

Oh boy, Terrell Owens just walked into the house to “help Ochocinco pick the right girl”.   Yeah, ok………….He is hitting on every single girl.  This is great.  Wonderful even. 

And I quote, “You ever date a black guy?  Can you handle it?”

This show is beyond a car wreck you can not stop looking at.  It is more like a plane crash.  I am running toward the site of the crash without any idea what to do.  I just stare in astonishment………

Ochocinco is now using football terminology to describe the women……

T.O. just got a girls number.  I don’t think Ocho is going to be happy with that.   (who thinks it is a big dramatic set up?)

Ok, here’s what we’ll do.  We will round up a bunch of women, put them in a house, and allow a pro football player to have his pick of them.  It will be kind of like “olden times” when cavemen went around and clubbed women and “made” her his wife.

“If I don’t love me, who else will?” – Ochocinco (You think he has mother issues?)


“Have you ever cheated?”


“A lot”

“Well, it was over.  He should have ended it.”

Are you fucking kidding me?  The guy you were cheating on should have ended things with you?  That is the type of girl I hope to bring home to Mom someday………..


This show is not a fair representation of women.  Seriously………….


The real winner of this show is Este Lauder.  I have never seen this much make up in my life. 


I now know why I do not watch reality TV.

Thank God that quality programming will be on tomorrow night…..”The Client List” an original Lifetime movie starring Jennifer Love Hewitt will be premiering.   I can tell you right now that the Goodnow household will be checking that out.