The Treadmill

Ever been in a rut? 

You stop for a minute and think about what’s going on in your life and you feel like you are on a treadmill.  Being on the treadmill isn’t the worst thing.  You are actually getting up and exercising, but you are staying in one spot.  You keep getting to the exact same place that you started every single time.

That’s where I am. It’s where I have been for some time now.  On a treadmill………going through the motions.  Not really getting anywhere.

It sounds somewhat depressing to me.

I have to spend time focusing on the following things:

1. Money – budget, investing.  I have been terrible about both recently.

2. Training – I need to make the effort to be in the gym/ outside running 5 days a week.   That is pure laziness that has prevented that.

3. Job – focus.  Plain and simple. 

4. Writing – I need to take an hour every night.  Turn off the TV, the internet, the phone and write.  I’m slightly pissed at myself for not writing a whole lot. 

5.  Gotta stop eating so much pizza/take out food.  I went grocery shopping last night.  That should help. (having a functioning fridge helps as well)

I don’t want to be on this treadmill for the rest of my life………..