A Nice Little Wednesday

I had a nice little Wednesday.

Let me tell you why.

1. I did not go to work.

2. I slept until 11 am

3. I wrote about 10 pages in my book.

4. I went to the gym twice.

5. I ran errands and cleaned my apartment

6. As I mentioned in bullet #1, I did not go to work.

7. I read about 120 pages of a James Patterson book.  Not bad.  I like his style.

8. I cooked every single one of my meals today.  Cooked………heated………….put together.  All the same thing really.

9. I did not get up at 7:30 to got to work.

10. The only work I did was on my book.

11. I did not check my work Blackberry once today.  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (this is where I put the unmanly smiley face)

Speaking of the book.  Anyone who is interested….I have enough of it written (six chapters) that I would love to see what some people think about it.  It is mostly setting up the characters at this point, but I’m feeling good about the flow.

I’m having problems sleeping.  I wake up and I am incredibly anxious.  To the point where it borders on being scared and confused.  Normal?  No?  I didn’t think so. 

With the Chicago Half Marathon approaching in T-minus ten days, I’m eating lots of pasta and drinking lots of water.  No drinking the past few nights.  My Dad will be in town this weekend so I’m sure I’ll have a couple beers with him, but it will be toned down compared to our usual father/son…. drinking……….er……… bonding time.  

The course for the race is flat.  I would like very much to break my time from the NYC half marathon.   So I’m shooting to break 1:47.00.   Putting it in writing.  I want it and I feel that I’m in good enough condition to do it.

Time to end my nice little Wednesday as tomorrow, I have to go to work.  (unmanly, unhappy smiley face inserted here)