A busy, hot summer

by agoodnow

At least it wasn’t 98 degrees yesterday.  Cause that would have sucked.  In an ironic twist my hot water didn’t work yesterday.  I suppose if there were a day for it to happen,  the hottest day of the year would be it.

My Dad was in town this weekend.  Always a good time.

We went to the Yankee game in the 412 degree heat.  It was so hot I could barely even drink beer.  Of course, I was a trooper and managed to have a couple of beverages. (You know, because that is what men do. They fight through heat and drink beer) On top of it all the Yankees lost.  Overall, a good day at the ballpark.

We went to Little Italy and had a good meal with sub par service.  I think the restaurant was run by Russians which I found odd.  Again, great food, but I’m not sure if there was a single Italian person working the place. (Which is reason 1,429 why the North End of Boston is far superior to “Little Italy”)

My Dad hadn’t walked the Brooklyn Bridge and the subway we were taking was across the strett from it so at 10:30 at night we decided to take a stroll.  It was still 89 degrees.  I was AMAZED at the number of people walking the bridge at that time of night.  It was packed.  The only people speaking English on the bridge were my Dad and I.  That’s it.  Everyone else was a tourist from another country. 

New favorite bar.  Elaine’s.  My Dad wanted to go to a “classic” New York bar and Elaine’s is about as classic as it gets.  Great bar.  Low key.  Classy.  Elaine is an actual person and she is there every night sitting at the same table.  The bartenders are characters.  From what I was told a lot of writers hang out there.  In a mini-celebrity siting the Fox News team popped in for a late night drink.  I think her name is Ann Coulter.  She is pretty, but not super hot.

Let’s just say I’ll be going back.  I’m not sure when due to the fact that I’m in training mode right now, but that is an awesome place.  (Another benefit is the lack of moron 24 year old kids.   I’m just about over the crowded college bar thing.  I think Elaine’s may…………….replace……………….the……………….Stumble……………….I………….N…………….N.

(That was tough for me to express.  Give me a second here….I need to compose myself. ……………..Ok, I’m better now.)

The rest of my summer is just about booked. 

Next weekend I’m in Chicago for another death march in blistering heat.  I do not understand why I’m so stoooooooooopid.   The running thing is fine, but in the heat.  It is just asking for trouble.  Oh well.  I’ll do it and move on to the next adventure.   Besides, I love Chicago. 

On the 7th, I’m going camping.  I fucking hate camping.  I hate it.  Hate it.  However, my idiot friends are going and I always have fun with my idiot friends.  They are good people.  Besides, it is my last weekend before I start “marathon training on August 9th. (Yep, that date is circled as the date where I stop having fun for 15 weeks.  I have also decided that since the marathon is on November 20th I’m rewarding myself with turkey on Thanksgiving.)  So yeah, I’ll go into the woods, put a sleeping bag on the ground (sans tent), pop 14 allergy pills, drink a half bottle of Jameson and call it a day.

On the 14 I’m shipping up to Boston.  Visiting the North End for the first time in a couple of years and seeing some old friends for the first time in ten years.  Can not wait. 

Then I’m heading to Maine to visit family for the week.  Golf, blueberries, hiking, lobstahhh……….all things Maine. 

On the 20th, I leave for Montreal.  Bachelor party.  (Still waiting on my passport for that one)  I’m sure we will visit every Cathedral the city has to offer. Lots of prayer.  Lots of sightseeing.  Early bed times. 

Then I have Steve’s wedding in September.  Oh, sorry…he is engaged.  I have Ste’s wedding (recall you are only half of yourself once engaged)

I almost feel like my summer is entirely booked up.  And that is a good thing.  I like being busy.  It keeps me out of trouble.    Oh, speaking of which………I have made a decision.  I need a running buddy for 2 runs a week.  I’m not sure how to find one.  Just someone to keep my accountable for showing up for my long runs on Saturday mornings.  It is easy to put them off if you do not have someone to report to.

On that note.  8 miles today.  I do believe we will be heading to the gym and getting  that done on the treadmill today.