8 minute miles or Christina Hendrickson

by agoodnow

In my spare time I am writing 2 books, short stories (some a bit sillier than others – see yesterday’s post), and this blog.   It is keeping me busy.  Which is good because when I’m not busy I’m a misery.

Some notes:

I have said it once and I’ll say it again……………  Who on earth would have thought that Don Draper would like getting slapped in the face by a hooker?   That came out of left field, but when you think about it, maybe it makes sense.  He does tend to lead a lifestyle that is destructive, why not have that trickle into his sex life.

Dear God – Thank you for making Christina Hendrickson.  You the man!

When Don kicked the swimsuit people out of the office I knew right then and there that we are in for a great season. 

 (Yes, I watched the re-run of Mad Men last night.)

Non Mad Men news:

Today is day number two in our new office. I’m in a real actual bullpen cube for the first time in my career.  Not exactly my first choice.  It is loud.  No privacy.   I have my iPod on at all times to drown out the combination of loud work conversations and annoying personal calls.

It got me to thinking about the different office spaces I have had.

I’ve had 4 cubes, 2 offices, and one large open area.  This is by far the smallest space I have had and when we move AGAIN in another 6 months our space will be even smaller.  Just a thought, but aren’t spaces supposed to get larger as you have been with a company longer?  

I’m not all that smart, but this seems a tad counter intuitive to me.

There has got to be a book to be written on this:   Space – The Story of Corporate America


I’m going to see Inception tomorrow night.  I have heard some really good things.  On a related note – how old is Leonardo DiCaprio?  Dude has got to be like 72 by now.  How made “Who’s Eating Gilbert Grape” 20 years ago.  Hold on, I’m going to Google this……hmmmmmmmm……only 35.  I would have guessed higher.  Actually quite upsetting that he is only 7 years older than I am and has had so much success while I hang out in my mini cube.

(I can tell you one person who will be playing Mega Millions tonight)

I have been sleeping like garbage lately and this whole waking up confused and dizzy thing is starting to get old.   Thinking it might be time to call my doctor.  Though my doctor is more the type to give me some pills than he is to treat me for a root problem.

I could use a massage.  I have a huge knot in my calf.  That needs to go before my little jog on Sunday.

The B.I.G. and 2Pac freestyle from ‘The Tunnel” back in 1994 is one of the best raps of all-time.  Without question. 

After watching “Tin Cup” last night I think I’m going to try to qualify for the US Open with a 7-iron.  Maybe I should use all of my clubs…..and get a driver……….and play more than once a year……….and get a lesson……….or 2………….and buy new golf shoes………..BUT after all that, I’m qualifying for the US Open.

I’m starting to get excited for Sunday.  I think I have a decent shot at a PR. 

The combo of the significant moderation in drinking, the healthy diet, and exercise has led to me to think that I am in good enough condition to run near an 8:00 mile pace.  Here is to hoping.