Yoga and Barber Shop Conversation

by agoodnow

I’m going to start doing yoga.  You heard it.  Yoga. 

So it is time to go out and get some yoga pants, a yoga mat, and get a yoga shirt (is there such thing as a yoga shirt? Cause if there is, I am getting one.)  Oh, and a bandana too.  I see people in yoga classes wearing those. 

See, once I start training for the marathon I’m going to need to get my stretch on…….so why not get my zen on at the same time? 

I’ve never done yoga.  I’m hoping it will keep me injury free and keep me limber. 

So there you have it.   Andrew is now going to be a yoga going fool.  See you at the studio.


My new office space makes me depressed, angry, and upset.   I say that without hyperbole.


I see people with the Stieg Larsson book everywhere.  It is already one of the best selling series of books of all-time.


I’m about 55 pages into one of my books – the non-fiction book.  Not bad if you ask me.  I came up with some cool ideas for it today while at work (ie, taking pictures of things that piss me off and telling the stories about them)


I have started putting together some comedy sketches.  We’ll see if I have the balls to go through with it.


I bought new socks today.  To know me is to know how much I love new socks.


Thursday September 16th is in the book as best Thursday ever.  New season of “Always Sunny”. 


I got my haircut today…………

My barber asked me if I had ever had sex with an Asian girl.  He is Italian and has a thick accent so it came out really funny. 

So I countered with, “So Frank, you ever bang a red head?” 

He stopped cutting my hair for a second and started laughing. 

“My wife’s a red head… a real crazy bitch.  Good in bed too.”

It made for good barber shop conversation.