Pop Job Interview

by agoodnow

Big day tomorrow.

I interview for a new job.  It is with the same company, but the job is a lot different.  A job where I would rarely be in the office.  I would entertain more and make more visits to clients.  I would be in front of people half the day.

It would be much, much more work.  I’m completely fine with that.  Frankly, that is appealing.

The whole thing came about very fast.

I saw a job opening and I sent the manager an email.  I knew him from some brief office interactions and I used to see him in the afternoon at the gym (who said taking a long lunch to workout was a bad idea?).   He sent me an email within 45 minutes and asked if I could interview TODAY.  He wanted to meet with me today or tomorrow.  I like the efficiency. 

Tomorrow morning I will go to his office and see what happens.  I’m cautiously optimistic.  That being said, I know I can do the job.  I wouldn’t imagine that there are many candidates that could do this job better.   For the first time in a long time I’m excited about work.  Feels good.

I had to tell my manager that I was interviewing for another position.  His response, “I knew this was coming and I’m not surprised.  I wish you all the luck in the world and if it doesn’t work out, this conversation ends with us”

One of the most classy things I have heard in my career.

Add to that, we had one of our money managers take our team out to lunch and it was a pretty good day.

Tonight I prep for my interview.  I will shine my shoes.  Iron my shirt.

Tomorrow I will eat a good breakfast.  Drink a big cup of coffee.  Put on my suit.  I will look damn good.  I will be prepared.  I’m going to get that  job.  I’m going to get that job because I’ll be better than anyone else who walks through the door.

“Passion leads to pride and when you are proud you can expect to win”

PS. If per chance this does not work out.  It is God telling me to go to Australia.  We’ll see what he has to say….