Unfriended ex’s

I went through Facebook and “unfriended” all of my friend’s ex-girlfriends today.  I had no need to be friends with any of them.  The only thing it could have done was be a reminder to my buddies about what their ex is up to.  (The only exception being is if I was friends with the girl first.  That is only the case in one instance. )

Nope.  Not anymore.  Donezo. 

Why in the hell should I have a connection with some chick who crushed one of my friends? 

Why do I want to know what is going on in her life?

Why do I care about any one of them?

Do any of them add anything to my life?

No. Nope. Negative.

That had to be done.

I think this should be a “man law”.   Your buddy breaks up with a chick.  You unfriend her.  No questions, you just do it.