Let’s go Camping!!!!

by agoodnow

Worked out to the point of nausea this morning.  Loved it.  Made me realize I have been taking it too easy in the gym. 

Got me to thinking…I’m not pushing myself enough in other areas of my life. 

So I am going to start addressing the bucket list –

I’m going to dunk a basketball.  I’m going to work on my jumping abilities on my non-running days.  I have always wanted to dunk and I’m going to do it.

I have  a bucket list, but am I working toward it?  What is the point of having a list of things you want to do if you have no plan of attack?


My IT band is telling me not to run.  I’m going to listen for another few days.


Walking home from the gym I walked past a cop car and the guy inside starts waving for me to stop.

“Oh fuck.  What did I do?”

It was my buddy Randy.  He was on patrol in my neighborhood.  I hadn’t seen him in far too long.  It was perfect timing.  He runs in the Park on the weekends in the morning. 

Bam!!! Running partner. 


I just packed for the camping trip. 

Shorts. Shirts. Socks. Bathing suit. Knife. Wet wipes.

Ready to party.

 Pray I don’t get ge eaten by a bear, a monster rabbit, or a gorilla.  You never know what could be lurking in the wilderness.

Have a great weekend everybody!  Enjoy it, summer will be gone before we know it.

(For the first time ever. I spell checked a blog post and it came up with no errors!!!!)