Arnold, Iron Man, Stella

by agoodnow

Some thoughts:

I went to the gym with my Mom on Saturday morning after I got back from the camping experience. 

I smelled like a smoked bottled of whiskey and had suit all over my clothes.  I was ready to sweat.

She worked out with a trainer and I just sort of putzed around.  Her trainer is this 60 year old guy who has my Mom pumping iron like it is 1985.  I really thought I was going to see a film crew documenting my mother’s workout much like they did with Arnold back in the day.  I’m all about lifting weights and for women of my mother’s age (38?)  she should be lifting, but when she told me that she was repping 305 pounds on the leg press my response was not that of, “That sounds like a good idea”  it was more of a  “Your body is NOT built to be handling weight that heavy.”   (And no, I’m not jealous that my 38? year old mother is lifting heavier than I am.  Ok, maybe a little)

But what do I know?  I’m just the guy with 10% body fat who runs 8 minute mile half marathons.  


Speaking of my Mom, she and I got pedicures after we worked out.  I do not care what anyone says, it feels good.  It would have been a tad better had the woman not slashed my cuticle which then bled like a siv. 

After all of the running I have done and that gut wrenching 13 hours of camping it was nice to pamper my feet.

(Insert whatever comment you would like here.)


Mad Men – That show is too good.  It is getting better.  I did not think that was possible.

My guess for upcoming plots – Don knocks up a hooker.  Come on, all the signs are there.


I watched the Iron Man Championships on TV yesterday.  You want to be motivated?  Watch that.  Those people are as strong willed as anyone in the world.  To watch some of these people push through pain.  To see some of them try with all they have.  To see them succeed.  And, unfortunately, to see them fail was inspiring. 

It makes me think that running a marathon should not be that tough.  Of course, it will be, but in the back of my mind I’m going to remember that I did not just swim 2.4 miles or bike 112 miles before starting. 


Is it football season yet?


I’m going to Boston next weekend.  I think I should make some phone calls and make some arrangements.


I was uber impressed with the speed in which I got my passport.  10 days.


My apartment is falling apart.  The only thing worse than my fridge breaking would be the……………

That’s right.  My toilet.  Wonderful.

I was a tad upset about the fridge.  I’m livid about the toilet.   It is like living in a shanty town. I might as well have a tarp over my head and light books on fire for warmth.


There is almost nothing better than a crisp beer on a warm night.  I may have indulged in a Stella or two last evening. 


I’m delaying my marathon training.  Letting my IT band recover.  Pushing it off one week.  I’m pretty sure that isn’t going to hurt anything.


I’m running a mile long race.  I want to see how fast I can do it.  I’m thinking I can crank out a 5:30 minute mile.  I mean, how often do you time yourself running a mile.  I think the last time was 8th grade?  Maybe?

Besides, the race is on 5th Ave.  That’s pretty cool.


There is a woman in my office who was on the 89th Floor of the WTC on 9/11.  The other day we were chatting and she casually mentioned it.  I had no idea and I asked if she wouldn’t mind telling me about it. 

She told of her experience in a clear, calm manner.  I could tell that she knows that she was 30 feet away from where a plane crashed into her building.  She spoke of walking down 89 flights, being trapped in a stairwell, watching firemen go up and everyone else was fleeing,  and the people she knew who passed away.   Each and every day is a bonus. 

I have never seen her stressed or angry.  Maybe that is her personality. 

Maybe she realizes  life is too short to waste time on such frivolous emotions.