Rejection is a new opportunity

by agoodnow

I did not get the job.

Found out last night.  I was more upset than I thought I would be.  Though I knew it was a long shot, part of me was holding onto the idea that it could happen.   Human nature I suppose.  It was an opportunity for me to reach out and do more with my professional life.  At the same time I am glad to see that it mattered to me. Had it not upset me it would not have been worth my time to have interviewed.

Seeing how yesterday was my day off from going to the gym I decided to grab a couple of beers.  I went to my favorite Irish Pub where all the bartenders know me.  Low and behold there was a new guy working behind the bar.  Ha. All I wanted was a couple of beers and to bullshit with the Irish guys.   Oh well, at least the beer was cold.

I sat at the bar for a couple of hours and wrote.  I kept writing.  And writing.  I wore out a pen.  It made me feel better.  (As did the 4 Goosehead Island’s that I had) 

When my beer was done I decided to stroll home.  Typically I will take the subway, but yesterday I thought it would be nice to clear my head with a slow walk. 

Ten blocks away from my apartment I passed a man who was wearing a shirt that read “My kid is at Columbia” and the back read “Where’s yours?”

How about you wear a shirt that says, “I’m a pompous, elitist, piece of shit”

In the back of my mind I was thinking,  Please God. Please….please….please let the mother of an 18 year old kid who is over in Afghanistan come up to that guy and UNLOAD on him.  PLEASE.

It did not happen, but I have a feeling that a jerk who wears a shirt like that will get his.  I would imagine his wife is cheating on him with her 24 year old tennis instructor.

I got a couple of slices of pizza and went home for the night.

Watched the “Always Sunny” 2 hour marathon and didn’t think about much at all.

Well, that isn’t true.  I had a little bit to think of during the night, but nothing that will cause me to lose sleep.  In fact, I slept pretty well.

The longer I do this whole “life” thing, the easier it gets to let things roll off my back.  I’m not going to worry about decisions outside of my control.   Missed opportunities will lead to new ones.   How I handle the misses is on me.