Gangster rap – hugs – baseball – heat

by agoodnow

I met a friend for drinks last night. Very unexpected. I was sitting on my couch at 9:15 and she called. Not being one to turn down a random Tuesday evening cocktails…………….

We chatted, caught up on life.   I told her about my failed job interview and that is when she did something unexpected. She gave me a hug.  A friendly “I hope you are alright” hug.   I appreciated it.  I didn’t even know why, but it made me feel better.


I got home and the Ken Burns “Baseball” documentary was on TV.  It paints baseball as wholesome,  pure, an authority on all that is right with this country.   A way for fathers and sons to connect.   A sport of heroes……fallen and otherwise.

It made me think about the chapter that occurred right after that documentary was made. 


Bloated salaries


Watching “Baseball” made me feel like I was watching a better time in American history.  A simpler time.

Maybe that is naive, but it is how I felt.


Yesterday I was on my way to the gym and walked by a homeless man who was sitting up against a wall.  He had just urinated in his pants that look as if they had not been washed in years. 

How did he get there?  What happened in the 45 or 50 or 55 years past that led to him lying on the street and caring so little about life that he soiled himself.

As I walked by him, I stepped over a stream of urine flowing down the sidewalk.   He got up and started walking toward the street.  Nowhere to go. 

How sad.


The heat is starting to get old.  I’m not one to complain about being hot.  I prefer summer.  I prefer to be warm.  But this type of heat sucks.  I feel like I’m walking through soup.  Hot soup.  The heat is oppressive.  And it is relentless. I feel like it has been 0ver 90 degrees everyday for the last 2 months.  I can not be too far off making that statement.

When I say “bring on football season”  I am also saying, “bring on 68 degree weather”.


August has been a slow month at work. 

As I write that my  boss put a sheet of paper in front of me asking for my “90 day plan”

I plan on visiting any of my clients who want to see me.   Preferably ones who I have to get on a plane to see.


I have not gone running in the last 10 days.  Not going to lie, it doesn’t upset me one bit.


I picked up the latest Newsweek.  It has profiles of some of Americas most famous writers.   I was said about Mark Twain, “All his life he carried notebooks and wrote compulsively”

In order to get better you have to work at it. 

I started carrying a notebook………….


Why do I still listen to gangster rap?  

I usually drown out the lyrics and listen to the beat and intensity of the music, but today a lyric caught me off guard:

“We roid ragin, white boy caning……………”

Pardon me?  Hmmm…..not sure if I can support such things.   What if I were to make a rap with those lyrics in reverse racial context.   I doubt that would go over too well.