My Little Cousin

by agoodnow

I hung out with my 15 year old cousin over the last few days.  Let me tell you, in a world of Jersey Shore, materialistic, ignorant people it is so refreshing/ uplifting / spirit lifting to spend time with a bright, polite, and intelligent young lady.   My cousin may not know it, but she is what is right with the world.  Always a smile on her face, always a nice thing to say about people, always wanting to help.

She made me realize that at times I can get really down.  I can be negative.  I can be less than a great person with whom someone would want to spend their time.   You can always learn from people and sometimes you may not expect from where that lesson will come.

I’m going to try to smile more and  speak ill of people less.

I am proud, impressed and happy to see that my cousin has become such a wonderful person.