My head hurts

by agoodnow

“Your head must be made of iron”

For those of you who have not heard my head was thrown through a plate glass window.  I was attacked by a guy (I am nearly positive he was drunk and/or high).  He had been sitting on the stoop of my apartment with some girl.   Maybe I looked at him wrong?  Not sure.   All I know is that I was going home.  I had the my keys out and I was heading into my apartment.  What the fuck is wrong with people?

Either way, police were called, the Super was fixing the window, my head is fine, and I’m really lucky.   Frankly, the whole thing is really upsetting and I’m not dealing well with it.

That’s all I have to say about that.


Heading to Montreal for the weekend.  Bachelor party.  Should be fun.


It was fun to watch the Patriots play a pre season game last night.

I’m excited for the season to start.


How about the government does something other than arrest athletes for performance enhancing drugs.  We have bigger problems than Roger Clemens and Lance Armstrong.   Like maniacs sitting on the stoop of my apartment looking to savagely attack people.