Married on a beach in Fiji

by agoodnow

I googled “Drop everything and leave”  Here is what I found:

Left the UK when I was 32, after selling my house and possesions and leaving a high flying job in IT. And headed to Bangkok with a one way ticket. Now I am 40 (gulp) and live in the South Island of NZ and work in the wine industry. Along the way, I have travelled RTW twice, lived in three different countries, learned to speak a new language and married a wonderful woman from Finland on a beach in Fiji. I never made it back to the UK.

If you have reasonable job skills, are prepared to be flexible, then picking up work ( and work permits) is entirely possible.

That just about sealed it.   Dude left his job, traveled the world, works at a WINERY in NEW ZEALAND, married a hot chick (I’m making that up, but come on, she is from Finland they are all hot with blue eyes) and got married in fucking Fiji. 

Gee, bet he regrets his trip to Thailand.


Insert funny story about waking up and not knowing where you are here.


I sat at a bar and proofread a screenplay.


“I did not mean to do it, but I’m not exactly sad about it either.” 

I like that quote. 

(Twice now)