by agoodnow

I was sitting in Brooklyn Bridge Park drinking a beer at a little bar that overlooks the Manhattan skyline when an Australian couple sat down next to me. 

What a coincidence!

I asked them all about Australia and where they would recommend visiting.  Of course they said, Sydney or Melbourne.  I told them I was thinking something a little more low key and mentioned that I was looking into Brisbane.

They almost had a heart attack.  Brisbane!!!!  No. No. No.   You can not go to Brisbane!  They made it sound like a slum.  So I asked for some beach communities and how I should go about finding a place to rent for a couple/three months. 

They were more than helpful. 

So I get done with my beer and start to leave the park when some guy on a bike yells out, “Does anyone know who that child is with?”  

Nobody responded. 

Some kid 3 year old kid was just running down a path entirely unattended to.  After looking around for a mom, dad, brother, sister……anyone who might care about the kid, I started looking for a police officer who might be able to help. 

After looking around, there was nobody to get in touch with who could help.  Unreal.

Luckily, 15 minutes into the ordeal someone found the little kid from his “group”.   Not a mother or a father, but a friend of the family’s who casually recognized him.

The dude on the bike was PISSED.  I thought he as going to scream at someone, but he did not.   Had it been the kid’s parent’s I think there may have been a violent explosion out of the guy.

That kid is in for a rough life.