Weekend of athletics

by agoodnow

I had what one might call an active weekend.

Let me start with Friday night:

I was at the gym and saw some girl who was on her knees and lunged up and ended up on her feet. I was amazed.  How could a human being do such a thing.  In my eyes this was Cirqu du Soleil kind of shit. 

Turns out I can do it. 

Even better……a friend of mine was there to see my feat of strength. 

Saturday I think that I walked 472 miles.  Now, part of all that walking could have been that I went to 6 different bars in Brooklyn and that may be considered a “mini- bar crawl”

Today I ran 11 miles.  I feel great.  The run sucked, but I am glad I got through it. 

What started as a wild card of a weekend ended up working out.

Sidenote: I hate not eating meat.  There is a good chance this whole thing will end soon.