Job Security

by agoodnow

A friend of mine just sent me a text letting me know that he might lose his job.  Not a good feeling.  I once thought I was going to lose my job (Kansas City incident) and it was the most nerve racking thing that I have ever been through.

What would happen to me if I lost my job?  How long could I support myself, sans income?  How up to date is my resume?  Would I look for a job in the same field? 

Frankly, all are good questions and ones for which I should have definite answers. 

If nothing else, my friend’s concern has led me to think about how allowing your life to be tied to a company that could potentially discard you at any moment is a dangerous game to play. 

In years past working at a large company was the “safe” bet.  I’m not so sure that is the case any longer.  See: Enron (people forget just how big of a company Enron was), Bear Sterns, Lehman, WorldCom, etc.   I would imagine that individuals working at these companies thought their jobs were moderately safe…………   Only to have their retirement plans go to zero and their jobs go away overnight.

We are one more 9/11 away from another financial disaster like we saw in  2008.  Think of the panic in the markets if that were to happen.  Think about how large corporations would have to make even greater cuts.   It would be pure chaos. 

All of this makes me realize how fragile my own financial security is.  How I should be smarter with where I put my money, what I spend it on.

It makes me realize that I should not take my job for granted and that I should have a well thought out plan B.  Because you never, ever know what could be around the next corner.