I have some predictions for the next four months of the year:

1. This will be the coldest fall/winter on record.  I’m talking sub arctic in November.  People will think the ice age is upon us.

2. I will finish the Philadelphia Marathon in 4:11.  I will hobble for the last 6 miles and hate my life, but I’ll finish.  

3. I will finish my book.  Then I’ll e-publish it on Amazon.  The 80 people who read my blog on a regular basis will be the only ones to buy it. 

4. The stock market will finish up at around 10,552.

5. The Padres will win the World Series by beating the Yankees in 7 games.   (This is painfully optimistic)

6. Football season will come and make me happy.  The Patriots will cause me abundant joy and deep sorrow.  Then I will realize that it is just a game and I’ll get on with my life.

7. My friend SR’s wedding is going to be awesome.  I cannot  wait for it.

(On a funny note, I found the rough draft of my first speech I was going to give at his wedding.  It is hysterical and will never be read in public.)

8.  I’m going to stay at my job and travel as much as is humanly possible.

9. I’m going to adhere to my new budget system. 

10. I’m going to read The Catcher in the Rye

11. I’m not going on vacation like I wanted to

12. I’m going to invite my Grandparents to come visit me in the city. 

13. I’m going to miss playing Zog football

14. I’m going to start eating meat again

15. New York is going to get 6 feet of snow.

16. Apple will release some new gizmo that nobody needs, yet everyone will buy.  Stock price will hit 850 by year end.

17. My company will not have a Christmas party

18. My ten year high school reunion will not take place  (that’s ok, I most likely won’t go even if there is one)

19. Another large terror plot will be discovered

20. My 401k will have a return of 0.1% for the year.  I’m ok with that.

21. The Playmakers will win this year’s Turkey Classic in a 5-1 route.  This will also be the last year that I play tackle football with my friends from high school in our annual Thanksgiving football game.  We are getting too old.

This has been a very strange year for me thus far.   I’m not sure there is a whole lot that would surprise me at this point.

Everything from my lifestyle, to relationships, to my job, to writing, to running half marathons…………it’s been a fucking rollercoaster.