200th Post Celebration!!!!

This is my 200th post.  I cannot believe that you people are still reading this. 

I thought I would share with you some numbers that I have found to be important in my life:

1,000,000 – The is my employee ID.  Yes, my employee ID is ONE MILLION.  They even made a poster of it for company distribution celebrating the one millionth employee.  Of course, my name was never mentioned and it is not like anyone celebrated me, but regardless……….I think that is a pretty cool ID number to have.

7:17 – For some reason I when I look at my clock in the evening I always seem to see that it is 7:17.

646- I  thought it was the coolest thing ever when I finally had a New York City area code. 

1918 – That date used to piss me off, but now it is just another year when the Red Sox won a world series

2.201 – My cumulative college GPA.  I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: I graduated with peak efficiency (You needed a 2.2 to graduate with a major from Delaware)

4.5 – Years spent at the University of Delaware

1 – Number of A’s I got in college. I think I’m a bit smarter than ONE A in 4.5 years.

5.5 – Years I have worked for the same employer.  It is fairly rare for a person of my age to be with one company for such a long period of time.    What can I say?  I’m a glutton for punishment.

11- Number of cities where I have lived.

4 – Girlfriends I’ve had.  Like, real relationships.  Relationship being defined as something that eventually makes you completely miserable.   (I’m kidding……….they usually only make you 50% miserable)

2- Number of clients I have lost in the last TWO days.  Not good……..

1 – Number of times I plan on living.  Might as well make it count. 

53 – Number of years my Grandparents have been married.  My Grandmother deserves canonization.  She is either crazy or a living saint to put up with my Grandfather for over a half century.

3.5 – Age of my maniac little sister.  If I had as much energy as that kid I would rule the world.  Not kidding, I would actually dominate all of the world.   I would have a crown  and a cape made out of panda fur.

3 – Half marathons I’ve run in 2010.  An accomplishment I am very proud of

20 – Pounds I have lost since January 1st.  (I’ve actually gained some weight recently.  I’ll attribute it to gaining muscle mass……….and certainly not drinking)

14 (or is it 16?) – Weddings I have been to since becoming “an adult”

5 – Weddings I have been in

1- Number of times I have brought a date (And I’m glad I did.  It was more fun to have a “partner in crime”)

1 – Only more more wedding scheduled for this year.  (I’m looking forward to it)

0 – Weddings planned for next year.  (I just let out a sigh of relief. )

18 – The age I like my…………….. scotch

28 – Minutes for my commute (Up from 22 before my office moved)

26.2 – Miles I plan on running November 21st

Amount of money I make – Not enough

7 – Number of countries I have been to (US, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Lichtenstein)

1 – Number of winning presidents that I have voted for (Stupid Ralph Nadar)

137 – Craziest place I have lived

There are a few others numbers that would be fun to comment on, but perhaps………..a tad inappropriate for public consumption.

 Thanks for reading and have a great day.