Catcher, Tom, 26.2, ramblings

by agoodnow

I finished Catcher in the Rye last night.  An outstanding book.  It hit on most about every human emotion.  I’m glad I read it at 28 and not back in high school.  I think I was able to absorb more of it with some perspective as to what the main character was going through.

I would suggest for anyone to read it. 


Ouch.  My body hurts.  I am limping.  My genius idea to run 6 miles Tuesday after running 14.5 on Sunday did not work out for me.  I had to stop twice walking to the subway this morning.  I was in that much pain.  It was excruciating. 

My diet has consisted of Advil.  Breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack, dinner, desert, pre-bed snack. 

It isn’t quite that bad as I limit myself to a max of 5 throughout the day, but I still feel like I constantly need to take some to numb the pain.

Speaking of numbing pain………….Andrew is back on the WAGON!!!! 

Yep, I am a mere 72 days away from the marathon so it is time to bear down.  That means not letting anything get in the way of training.  Not pain, not drinking, nothing. 

So I will take the 17th and 18th off from this abstinence, but that’s it.  Other than that, it is GO time. 

I have yet to combine my “non-land animal” diet with my “not drinking” diet.  So let’s see how those react with one another.  I bet I lose weight.   I’d like to lose weight.

Things I am cutting out:


Land animals (but we already knew that)

Mayo (I do not eat much of it as it, but no tuna salad or anything of that nature)

No sugar in my coffee.  No high calorie coffee drinks.  Nothing but regular, old coffee.

Things I’m adding:

Glucoseamine (that is most likely spelled wrong)

Fish oils

One salad per day

Recovery drinks after long runs (It is this stuff called RX 4.  It works)

A gallon of water per day (minimum)



It is time to get serious about this.  I have a decent base, but I’m not going to wake up the morning of November 21st and run 26.2 miles if I don’t put in the work.


So Tom Brady got into a car accident this morning.  Somebody ran a red light and hit his car.  You can imagine that the driver of that car is going to get the book thrown at them:

Judge: For running a red light and hitting Tom Brady you are hereby ordered to pay a fine of $5,000, perform 1,000 hours  of community service, and hang in the stocks outside of Gillette Stadium before every home game.  May God have mercy on your soul.


I’m going to the Jets v. Ravens game next Monday night.  I just realized how awesome of a game that is going to be.  It could seriously be one of the best football games this season.  I cannot wait. 

(Thanks Wendy and Steve)


I have started writing down how much money I spend every day in a book.  I have a set amount that I can spend each day and I’m trying to stay within that.  Thus far…………let’s just say it has been a good idea to actually monitor the amount of money I spend.  I kept saying to myself, “Oh, you just won’t spend so much tomorrow.”  

Yesterday’s total: $11.29. 

It has become something of a game.  How little can I spend?  What can I save money on? 

Try it, it is borderline amusing.