No More Facebook

by agoodnow

I deactivated my facebook account today.  I have simply had enough.  Enough of the updates.  Enough of the “friends”.  Enough of being able to see what an ex is up to.  Enough of everyone in my life being able to comment on everything I do.  Enough of putting my life on that page.  It no longer made sense to me.  I feel that I was constantly checking the page to “see what had happened”. 

See what had happened?  In the last ten minutes?  Yeah, a “friend” thought it was funny that a co-worker gave her a shot glass from her vacation.  That is not something I should be filling my mind with.  Lord knows I can only absorb so much information as I have the brain capacity of a dinosaur.   I might as well fill it with something useful like fantasy baseball stats and, heaven forbid, work related information.

So here I am.  FacebookLESS.  I feel relieved.  Absolutely relieved.  I no longer have to edit pictures that make me look stupid (and yes, there are some that are just scary dumb).  No longer will I feel compelled to see what people I met 4 years ago in some dive bar are doing with their lives.  No longer will I post things that nobdody cares about. No long will I read self indulgent posts of people bragging about their life/ or on the flip side seeing posts where people bitch and complain.  Because frankly, it does nothing to enhance my life. 

I think there is a reason we leave things in our past.  I think there is a natural progression to life.  It is meant to be lived in the here and now.  It is meant to be lived in the world.  It is meant to be something full of surprise. 

It is not meant to be lived on a computer screen with people whom you cannot connect in any real capacity.  Sitting in front of your laptop “chatting” in quick blurbs with the buffer of being able to hide any real connection or embarrassment for asking a question is fake.  It is the definition of fake.  It is as plastic as society gets.  If you really want to “connect” with a long lost friend, there is this amazing invention called the phone.  Most people have cellular ones these days.  If you need to connect with someone you have not seen/heard from…….  Pick that fucking thing up and call him/her.  I bet you have plenty of  minutes in your calling plan that includes free nights and weekends.

Getting online at night and chatting with someone with whom you have not seen in 10 years, but now due to convenience, you can type to every night……………that sounds creepy to me.  Very creepy. 

What was in the past that was so great?  I think there is a reason that I am no longer in places like Philadelphia or Beverly, MA. I didn’t like being there.  I didn’t like most of the people there.  I needed change.  So why reconnect with this past?   Why allow those negative times to come back? 

There are times when I think on the past and it seems rosey.  It was all fun.   The innocence of being young.  And then it hits me that the past should be left alone.  It does no need to be recreated. That is what facebook does.  It gives you an opportunity to recreate the past. 

I’m Ok with leaving mine right where it is.

I recently read a study on the effects facebook has on those who use it and I thought it poignant:

“We all know people like this. They’re updating their status every five minutes and the photos they post are very carefully construed,” the thesis author Soraya Mehdizade said on York University’s news page. “The question is, are these really accurate representations of the individual or are they merely a projection of who the individual wants to be?” The study also found:

  • The more extreme the narcissism, the more time spent checking Facebook.
  • The more extreme the self-loathing, the more time spent checking Facebook.
  • Males were more concerned with the “About me” sections of their profiles.
  • Women are more concerned with how good they look in their pictures.

Yeah, cause that’s healthy……….

I can live my life without the distraction of facebook.  I’m moving on.  

Does anyone know how to set up a Twitter account?