by agoodnow

Last evening I went to the “New Meadowlands” to watch the Jets of New York (They should be called the New York Jets who play in New Jersey.  I mean, the Patriots aren’t the Boston Patriots BECAUSE they do not play in Boston.  They play in a small town in the middle of nowhere.  Thus, they are the New England Patriots.  Same should go for the Jets.)

The Jets of New York played the Ravens of Baltimore.  I was excited to attend this game for a solid week. 

1. The first Monday Night football game in the new stadium.

2. Jets home opener.  Lots of energy. 

3. Both the Ravens and the Jets are supposed to be top notch football teams this year.

4. An excuse to get out of Manhattan for a night.

5. Good company with my buddy who has the tickets.

Overall, I was looking forward to a great night.

The night provided far more entertainment that I could have imagined.

First, I got a ride out of the city.  I’m not used to being in nice automobiles (the extent of my car riding experience is typically that of a 1998 Ford, Crown Victoria being driven by some maniac who I’m pretty sure has no regard for his  life or mine)  so it was a refreshing change to be in someone’s BMW 5 Series zipping our way to the game.  (Sidenote: if you want a great car.  Get a BMW.  Hands down.)

As we get into New Jersey the sky looks like the world is about to end.  Literally, we got out of the Lincoln tunnel and you would have thought we were in a different universe.   Lightning filled the sky.  It looked like the world was about to be swallowed by the sky. 

We get to the stadium to discover that  the game has been delayed due to lightning.  There is only one reason why they will delay on NFL football game and that’s it. 

After a half hour of waiting around a crowded concourse listening it J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets….cheers every 23 seconds or so the stands were opened and I could escape the echoes of drunken chants.

Oh, I also enjoyed the most mediocre grilled cheese sandwich of all time.  Unmelted cheese in between two pieces of toast.  I threw some BBQ sauce on it and was a happy camper.  Truthfully, I was just glad there was a vegetarian option.

Let me give you some background on the seats that I sit in when I go to Jets games.  My friend has had them for 25 years.  Everyone around these seats has had season tickets for approximately the same amount of time.  It is a big family.   Now, with the new stadium these folks were still able to stay together.  That being said there are a whole lot of “transient” fans who buy single game tickets and are scattered amongst those who have been going to the games for years (ie, people who want to watch the game and not get into 438 fights) 

I think you can see where this is headed.

Mid-way through the second quarter a Ravens fan goes up to a group of young kids who have been acting like morons (Trying to start fights with older Jet fans.  Calling people fat, f&gg0ts.  Asking who wanted to fight in the parking lot after the game.  So in general acting like clowns who have watched one too many episodes of Jersey Shore.)  The Ravens fan is also an idiot (I don’t think I would go up to a group of aggressive Jet fans and start taunting them after my team scored a touchdown.  I think a quiet golf clap is appropriate in such a setting)

The next thing you know one of the “Jersey Shore Jet Fans” (oh, that’s a great name for this kid)  throws a soda bottle (Hey, that’s $4.75 that kid just threw in the air)  And it misses the Ravens fan.  You know who it hit?  Oh yes, that’s right.  A FEMALE security guard.  Two minutes later SEVEN New Jersey State Troopers are removing this kid.  It was fantastic.  Everyone started yelling at the kid.  The kid starts yelling that everyone is a “rat” for “telling on him”.   (Hey kid, you are at a $1.8 BILLION stadium.  You think you weren’t on camera?  You hit a security guard with an object.  You……..are………..going…………to JAIL.   Yeah!!!!!!!!!!)

Things were fairly tame after that, with the exception of another trip to the seats above us to the removal of some drunken Ravens fans by New Jersey’s finest.  (These Troopers were some bad dudes.  If they got time and a half they deserved it)

Oh, yeah….the football game.

Ugly.  Penalties everywhere.  Only one touchdown scored all night.  But at the end of the game the Jets lost and that is a good thing.  (for me anyways)

 Some notes:

1. It was announced that a B-52 bomber was going to flyover after the national anthem.  It did not show up.  Bummer.

2. Green Day played the half time show.  Very cool.

3. They stopped selling beer at the start of the 3rd quarter.  I was surprised by this, but by no means upset after seeing how drunk and aggressive people were.

4. The new stadium is better for this with money and much worse for those who can “only” afford the $100 seats.  Unreal.

5. Mark Sanchez looked terrible.  I mean, really bad.

6. Ray Lewis is scary.  From 180 feet up he is still a scary looking human being.

7.  When Revis was introduced you would have thought the President was being announced. Place erupted.

8. The fireworks for the pre-game intros were a nice touch.

Great time at the game.   Entertainment to behold everywhere.