The First Girl I Ever Kissed

by agoodnow

Here is a mixed bag…………

1. I was on the subway yesterday and  4 African-American males got on the train.  In the four stops (about 9 minutes) that I was on the train with them they said the N-word 28 times. (Yes, I counted)  Loud too.  No regard for anyone around them.  Terrible.  In schools they should be taught “How to interact in society 101”  Using “The N-word” over and over and over in a language that only a small sub-culture would find acceptable is worrisome. 

2. Guess what I have in my apartment?  A pet.  I got a pet.  Ok, maybe a mouse found its way into my place, but he’s cool and I’m keeping him.  His name is Chip.  He lives under my radiator.  I have no intentions of feeding him.  I like the arrangement.

3. My knee is torn to shreds.  I cannot walk.  I limp everywhere.  Going to the doctor early next week to find out if I can get a shot to get me through training or if I need to hang it up and get physical therapy.

4. I signed up for a writing course through Gotham Writing School.  It is a creative writing class.  I think it will be a good way to force me to work outside of my comfort zone, maybe meet some new people, and do some networking.  Moreso, it is a way for me to pursue my passion.  Writing makes me happy.

5. Several people have called me to ask if I’m OK because my Facebook account was deactivated.  Hmmm….didn’t know that was a sign of distress.  Well, I’m better off without it.  I’m using my time more efficiently.  I was on that site far too much.  I’m glad I can diagnose a problem and do something about it.  There is hope for me yet.

6. The Gaslight Anthem plays on September 30th here in New York City.  I don’t have anyone to go with, but I’m going to go.  I don’t care if I’m alone.  I really want to see that show.  I’m going to get good tickets because it will make me happy (and I’ve been fairly good on my new budget)

7. Ready for this?  Today when I was walking home I noticed a girl that I thought I recognized.  I walked up to her and…….   Yep, it was who I thought.  The first girl I ever kissed.  Ha.  She lives 20 blocks away.  Small world.   That was today’s New York moment.

I wanted to tell her that I wasn’t sure if it was her at first because she wasn’t in the backseat of a Ford Taurus with foggy windows, but I refrained. 

Not sure quite how to put this, but she sure did grow into her looks.  You cannot say that about most women, but this girl got much better looking with age.

8.  I found a bunch of live tracks that the Gaslight Anthem recorded on NPR.  Excellent stuff.  Especially the “unplugged” tracks.   I have been listening to them non-stop.

9. Best man speech is complete.  Typed.  Printed.  Done. Now it is all about the execution.  I thought about a MILLION different things I can do with this speech.  I have costume changes.  A pyro technic set up.  Several props.  Electronic equipment.  A light show.  A midget.  And a bottle of scotch.

Stay tuned.

10. I was eating lunch and a girl was within earshot and speaking on her phone, “Oh My God.  I am such a loser.  I am eating ALL ALONE.”  I felt bad for her.  Too bad she has to feel that way and she can’t enjoy some time alone.  Time alone is a beautiful thing.

11. I have a friend who just started a blog.  It is fucking awesome.  He keeps more to one topic at a time and does a great job.  He has a way of making you feel like you are in the situation he is depicting without being wordy.  That’s a gift.

12. I went to the gym tonight and hated it because I cannot run.  I benched heavy for the first time in a year.  After two sets I realized I was going to hurt a joint if I kept doing it so I stopped.  Maybe I’m recognizing when my body says “No mas, por favor”

13. I love writing.  I want to do it as my job.  All the time. I want to get better at it.

14. Time to buy a new pair of Brooks Brothers khakis.  They are about all I wear these days. 

15. I’m really pissed about my knee.  I look down on people who set a goal and do not accomplish it.  I think that is why I want a doctor to shoot up my knee with some pain medication.  I don’t care about damage right now.  All I want to do is run this marathon.  I will have surgery when it is over.  I have no problem with that at all.  This is about me finishing out  2010 strong with a marathon.  It needs to happen.   I guess I have issues, but I’d rather have issues with wanting to accomplish my goals than with not pursuing them.

I’m more afraid not to try than I am to fail.

I wonder which song they’re going to play when we go? 

I hope its something quiet and minor and peaceful and slow.