Over Thinking

by agoodnow

Last night I almost took a nap.  I was on the brink of collapse at around 7 pm.  It was lights out.  My eyes were closing, I felt drained of all energy, I was done for. 

And then I got off the couch and put on my clothes to go to the gym.  I woke up immediately.  Now, usually I give into the nap.  I’m a big fan of sleeping and a quick 20 minute power nap never hurt anyone.  Of course, that 20 minute power nap typically results in not being able to sleep until 2 am and thus a groggy morning.  A vicious cycle, but one I have become accustom to.

Last evening I decided upon breaking said cycle and I decided  to be more productive. 

Off to the gym I went. 

I’m exactly two months away from my marathon and I’m in rough shape.  I can go outside on any given day and run 15 miles, but the toll it would take on my body wouldn’t be pretty.  That said 26.2 miles sounds a tad daunting at this point given that my knee began to hurt after only 1.5 miles last night.  However, instead of running through the pain I decided to stop.  I’m still in the course of taking an oral cortisone treatment so I’ll wait another few days before I start out on longer runs. 

Either way, I went to the gym instead of napping and that is a win.

I got home and before I could make (reheat) my dinner I had to do a sink full of dishes.  Ones that may have been sitting there for a long time.  It was pleasant……

Upon the completion of the dishes I proceeded to eat week old pasta (ok, maybe a little more than a week), but there was no mold and I cooked it so I figure that would make it “safe” to eat.  I threw some feta cheese on there and I was in flavor country.

Sidenote: I eat a lot of cheese.  Seriously, I put cheese and olive oil and about 75% of the things I ingest. 

I sat down to enjoy my meal and did something unusual.  I did not turn on the TV.  In fact, I did not turn on the TV all night.  Not for SportsCenter.  Not for Late Night. 

Productivity followed.  I researched writing contests that I would like to enter.  I made a list of topics I would like to write my next stories about.  I did some brainstorming around one of the stories. 

I thought.  I moved forward with some ideas I had.  I did something I enjoy. 

By midnight I was beat.  I went to bed.  I read.  I fell asleep.

Now, why in the hell I woke up at 3:30 am for no good reason is beyond me.  But I woke up, thought about writing a story about a guy who loves his business cards and fell back asleep. 

Ok, now maybe I’m thinking TOO much.