Deep Thoughts by AJG

by agoodnow

Front row tickets to The Gaslight Anthem next Thursday.  Score.  FRONT ROW at Radio City Music Hall.  $50!!!!!!  I’m ready to go Tom Cruise and jump on a couch. 

30 Rock is perfect.  Just a perfect show.  “Daddy Bear”

I wrote another short story tonight.  It is very short, but I like getting my point across in a concise manner. 

Ran for 20 minutes tonight.  Knee = not happy.  Come on cortisone….let’s starting working here!!!!

Stayed in tonight.  Cleaned off my dinner table.  Dishes.  Cooked. Wrote.  One hour of TV.  A well-balanced evening.

I sent some writing samples to a blog that pays for material.  Who knows?  I wouldn’t mind getting my writing out there while making some extra cash.

I need to do something new and interesting this weekend. 

Looking for a new book although I’m way behind in my magazine reading.  At the least I need to read the short stories in The New Yorker.

It is hooded sweatshirt and shorts weather.  My personal favorite time of year.

I have no weddings to attend on the horizon.  Oh, thank the good Lord. Not that I don’t love weddings, but I’m good with a couple year break.  (oh, nevermind, have a cousin getting married in about a year. Just remembered.  What the fuck is with all of you people falling in love?)

I need to relax.  Calm down about things.  I’m too tense.  I am starting to catch myself when it happens. 

I think this President has done a poor job.

I think that nutcase from Iran is scary.  Did you see what he said today?

Pete Rose should be in the Hall of Fame.

I am happy to start my writing class.

I’m feeling better.