I Hate Facebook

by agoodnow

Facebook is now officially out of control.  Entirely, utterly out of control.  Attached below is an article in today’s NY Times:


The basis of this article is that Facebook is moving into the realm of PayPal.  Mostly by giving people the “opportunity” to purchase virtual products. (Yes, buying a tree for your Facebook application game “Farmville” will cost you real,  hard-earned currency.  Think about that.  Paying real money to procure items in a virtual world.  This isn’t like buying a video game.  It is an ongoing payment system.  These are products that are not tangible.)

This is yet another way for Facebook to suck in its users.  Get them to open what will eventually turn into a Facebook bank of sorts.  You spend all of your time there, why not spend your money there as well? 

From the article:

But Mark Zuckerberg, the chief executive, said recently that the company may choose to do “a lot more” with Credits in the future. Over time, the company plans to turn Credits into a system for micropayments that could be open to any application on Facebook, be it a game or perhaps a media company, people with direct knowledge of Facebook’s plans said.

How about this?  What about opening a Facebook bank account via an app?  You could pay all of your bills for there.  You could apply for a mortgage on a home there. (Be it a real home or a virtual one)   Facebook medical coverage?  Life insurance?  All the while Facebook can compile data on you to sell to advertisers.   Generating more and more revenue.

While my assertions are slightly exaggerated, I don’t think they are so far from what Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) is trying to accomplish.  

Again from the article:

“They are focusing on games and apps now, but it would make sense for them to go into other” product categories.

Would you feel safe knowing that all of your personal information, thousands of personal photographs, your email address, a list of all of your friends, a list of all of your family, your phone number, your work information, and now all of your financial information could be accessed by one ambitious hacker?  I don’t think I would.  Too much of your life  is under one umbrella.  I don’t care about what privacy settings you have, there are people who can get around them.  Think about the amount of spam already floating around on people’s personal walls.  It is only a matter of time before there is a serious leak of information and the more Facebook houses the worse the impact will be.

Think about this for one moment:

Someone has a grudge against you – be it a fellow employee, ex-lover, or someone who just doesn’t like you.  He or she has a unique knowledge of the internet and has the ability to “hack” your account via a simple password extraction.    This person is able to find a number of posts on your wall about your dislike of your job, your boss, and  how you have been less than a model employee.   From there they comb through and find some incriminating photos.  They find who you work for because it is posted in your personal information section.  This person then proceeds to email the HR department of your work with all of this personal and supposedly private information  in a tidy email.  

You may not lose your job, but it would be a serious issue for you. 

I think we are on the brink of being completely lost in technology.  I think Facebook will be the last straw and I think it is going to take a catastrophe for anyone to realize how dependent we have become on a silly website.