Truthfully Speaking….

by agoodnow

I woke up this morning and thought to myself “Truthfully, I do not want to get out of bed.”

It was, in fact, true. 

As I continued to lie in the comfort of my bed thoughts of what I had just thought to myself swirled in my mind.  Thoughts about thoughts.  Great. I’m over thinking yet again.

“Why did I just have to tell myself ‘truthfully’ when it is just me here” 

I mean, I know I’m not going to lie to myself………….or am I?

Now, mind you, I’m lying in bed.  Eyes closed.  Half hoping for an earthquake so that I don’t have to go to work.  Now I’m thinking about the instances in which I try to fool and/or lie to myself.

Here are some circumstances where (perhaps) I trick myself into believing what may not be true:

1. One more beer won’t hurt

One more beer always hurts.  By the time you need to lie to yourself about one more beer not hurting you are usually not in a position to be making the decision for yourself.

2. So what if my knee hurts.  I’ll just run through the pain for the next 4 miles.

Orthopedic surgeon.  Cortisone. Enough Advil to kill a donkey.  That’s where I’m at now.

3. This quick nap when I get home from work won’t hurt me.

Until I wake up at 9 pm, can’t fall back asleep for 6 hours, and end up watching the late, late show with Carson Daly. 

4. Who needs a condom? 

No comment needed.

5. Just turn the alarm clock off and close your eyes for a couple of minutes……

45 minutes later I’m running into the shower, usually stubbing my toe, going to work unshaven, and calling my boss to let him know that I am an idiot.

6. This is the Red Sox year!!! Pitching and defense baby!!!

Yeah, no.

7. You are athletic.  You can jump over that 11 foot puddle. 

Not. So. Much.

8. Sunday Funday is great because you fall asleep nice and early.

And then God created Sunday Night Football………….

9. I’ll just have one cookie.

I eat the whole bag every time

10. I can stick to a budget.

Fucking Mastercard owns me.

11. Sure I’m over her……………

That one speaks for itself.

We all lie to ourselves in little ways.  Be it convincing ourselves that we are happy in a given situation, that we like our jobs, that we are funnier than we are, that we are liked more than we are.    It is human nature.  I think it is important to be self-aware of such things.