I need to learn how to write.

by agoodnow

My Grandmother cracks me up.

I try to call my grandparents every Sunday.  Some weeks I am unable to, but for the most part that is part of my routine.

The last few weeks my grandfather has been doing some river rafting trip at the Grand Canyon and my grandmother has been at home alone.  I have tried to call a little more often because I know that she must be lonely. 

It was during one of these calls that I told her I was going to be taking a writing class.  We got to talking and she wanted to know if she could read any of the stories I have written.  I sent her the most recent story I wrote and a day later she sent me an email telling me how much she enjoyed reading it.

And then I got home yesterday to find a package in my mailbox. 

That’s strange, I wasn’t expecting a package…….

I noticed that it was from my grandmother. 

I wonder what she would be sending me……

I opened the package to find Stephen King’s On Writing – A Memoir of the Craft

How nice of her. 

I began reading the book and I realized that my upon reading my work, my grandmother bought me a book on how to write.

Huh?  So does that mean she thought my writing sucked?  Needed improvement? 

I guess it is better than buying me a book on not quitting my day job.

It mad me laugh because I think it sounds funny that she read some of my work and immediately sent me a book on how to write.

Of course, that isn’t why she bought me the book.  I know that she can see how much I enjoy writing and she is encouraging me to pursue my passion.

It was incredibly thoughtful of her and I’m lucky to have such a wonderful person in my life.