Accidental Meat Eating

by agoodnow

I ate meat last night.  It was an accident.  How was I supposed to know there was chicken in that quesadilla?

Darn.   Bad things do tend to happen when I drink.  I’ll add returning to my carnivore ways to that list.

Does this mean I can start eating meat again?  Tempting, but no.  I think I’ll stick to my game plan. 

Some thoughts:

Did you see that chick Brett Favre was trying to hook up with?  Not a bad looking young lady. 

I think athletes should have to take a class titled, “Don’t be so fucking dumb”   It would be taught by (it pains me to say this, but he mastered being famous, single, and keeping his reputation clean) Derek Jeter.   I mean really?  Come on Brett.  Smarten up.  Sending pictures of your dick to some girl you don’t even know.

You are just a pig, you are a moron.


I see my orthopedic doctor  tomorrow morning.   Not exactly excited for this.  My knee needs rest.  Plain and simple.


The Toronto Marathon is being run next weekend.  I have a rooting interest in it. 


Mad Men.   I really like how Don Draper has started allowing himself only 3 drinks per day.  Maybe I should go on a “Don Draper diet”


I am giving some real consideration to starting my own tour guide company.  And I want to do it sooner than later.  I could start by doing it on the weekends. I really want to give it a try. 

I think that I would be really good at it and I think I have the skill sets to pull it off.


It is 9:47, only 13 minutes until the sushi and salad bar are half off at the deli downstairs from me.


I’m reading “Let the Great World Spin”    Interesting read.  I like books set in New York City.

It also happens to be the first book I have taken out of a library in years.  Why should I keep buying books when I can read them for free?


I miss running.