My knee cap is not straight….

by agoodnow

“Listen, your knee caps just aren’t straight” – My Orthopaedist

I went in for my follow up appointment with the orthopaedist.  It didn’t go well.  According to him my legs are bowed and my knee caps are not correctly aligned. 

My, oh my….that does not sound like a good combination for someone who wants to run a marathon.

He wrote me a referral for physical therapy and told me that if it doesn’t work he would have no problem going into my knee to “fix” the problem.  Eh,  no thanks. I ‘d rather not have him cut me open unless 100% necessary.  And as of right now, it is not necessary.  I need some PT and some rest.  I’ll be fine after that.  (fingers crossed)

I have no clue what to do about the Philly Marathon now.  I am so far behind in training that it makes no sense to run it now, but at the same time I still think I can do it.  We’ll see how the knee feels this weekend.  I’m not trying to win a marathon, just complete one.

In other news I had an enormous panic attack last night.  Sometimes I start thinking about my own mortality and flip out.  When that happens it isn’t pretty.  It doesn’t have any effect on my day to day life, but it sucks.  Last night I was able to get over it somewhat quickly, but there was a 5 minute period where I was all out of sorts.   Oh, the joys of being me.

Last night on my way home I got a coffee.  That is a bit of a deviation from the norm as I typically go the other direction (depressants vs. stimulants), but I had some things I needed to get done and drinking wasn’t exactly going to help my accomplish a whole lot.

I like re-reading my early blog posts.  Some of them really crack me up. And wow, I am terrible with both spelling and grammar.  I mean, really bad.  But I already knew that.  It has been pointed out.

Addition to the bucket list:

Own a business.