Documentary Night

by agoodnow

In my constant attempt to do something productive with my life, I decided to watch a couple of documentaries last evening. 

I got home, read for about an hour, went to the gym for a short while, and then went to the dinosaur of cinema……the movie store.  That meteor is about 500 meters from hitting the surface.  Movie stores are, sadly, on their way out.  Regardless, I will go to them for as long as they are open.  There is something I like about wandering the isles.  You just can’t get the same thing online.   I don’t care how “convenient” the idea of NetFlix is.  I like having a store to visit.

As I am wandering around my favorite Blockbuster Video attempting to find the documentary section, I was SHOCKED to find an entire wall dedicated “Special Interest” (no, not porn…….though the gentleman in front of me in line was purchasing from the “adult” section).  All sorts of documentaries.  I was looking for a specific one.  “Man On Wire”.  It is the story of the French tightrope artist who walked between the World Trade Towers (illegally) back in 1976.  I was inspired to watch it after reading “Let the Great World Spin”.  

Here was the problem, with all of the documentaries I could not find “Man On Wire”.  I was pissed.  Stupid Blockbuster!!!! No wonder you are going out of business.  

Oh, hold on.  Look at that.  It is right in front on me on display.  Nevermind.  I love this place.

I get my documentary and think to myself, “Self, you have wanted to see Food, Inc. for a some time now.  Why not pick that up too?  We’ll have a documentary night.”

And I did.  Watched both Man on Wire and Food, Inc. 

Two excellent films.

Man on Wire is nuts.  Watching that guy walk on a wire over 1,000 feet above the ground is astounding.  Beyond that, what these guys had to do in order to get the wire set up (mind you, this was all illegal) between the two towers is absurd.  You will be anxious through the whole hour and a half.  You are rooting for this crazy bastard and wondering what sort of mental capacity one must have to spend 45 minutes on a wire 1,000 feet in the air.  Worth the watch.

Food, Inc.   Watch it.  You should know from where your food comes.  It is scary.  It made me want to plant a garden and certainly confirmed my abstinence from eating “land animals”.    I doubt I will be patronizing a McDonald’s again.

I finished up my night by reading a book and before I fell asleep I thought to myself, “Watch, you are going to dream about being on the edge of the World Trade Towers with a wire in front of you.”  

Nope, I dreamt of a plane crashing into my building at work.  

Needless to say, it wasn’t the most restful sleep I’ve ever had.