Thank You Starbucks

by agoodnow

At around 3:04 pm, it dawned on me that I needed to stretch my legs for a moment.  Perhaps leave my building and get some fresh air.  Modern office environments tend to get stuffy as the day progresses. 

Maybe it was the day, maybe it was that I just found out that my title is being taken away from me (I am no longer a “director”), or maybe I needed a caffeine fix.

I politely asked my co-workers if they wanted anything from Starbucks (knowing that they would all say no) and I marched toward the door….. a beaten man.

The three block walk to the Starbucks was brisk.  It is getting chilly here in New York City.  For the first time this year I put on a jacket to go outside.    As I approached the corner where the Starbucks resides a young guy (maybe my age, maybe a little younger………though I would no longer refer to myself as young) was standing on the curb with a cut off shirt and weightlifting gloves.  I get it.  You are a tough guy.  Put on a sweatshirt.

Entering the Starbucks I saw the large sign for what could be the most delicious sounding beverage (outside of the alcohol world) the world has ever tasted.   A toffee mocha latte.

Sign. Me. Up.

I ordered the grande ( for the of us in the english speaking world, medium sized) rather than the venti  as drinking something with 600 calories seems a tad intense.

That latte is the best thing that happened to me today outside of not dying in my sleep.  So thank you Starbucks.  Thank you for providing me with some form of salvation in what has been a bleak and grey day.  (No really, it is about to rain here) 

Next up: Yoga tonight.