Ten Reasons You Should Never Go to the Same Bar Twice

by agoodnow

I went to the website for the online magazine I have been writing blogs for.  I wanted to get a better grasp of what I should be submitting.  Not that I had not read articles on the site, but I wanted to do some more digging so that I could get something published.  

I was combing through the articles and for the most part they are about women, drinking, drinking with women, women with large breasts, how to seduce a woman, what NFL football teams have the hottest cheerleaders. You know, quality reporting.  I think some of their bloggers also write for The New Yorker.

Then I comb to a title that catches my eye. 

“Ten Reasons You Should Never Go to The Same Bar Twice”

Hmmmm…..sounds familiar.  Oh wait, I WROTE THAT!!!!  How did I not know one of my articles got picked up? 

Here it is.  My first work that was published in COEDmagazine:


Please note:  I did not insert the pictures (although whoever did……….great job)