Panda in Lower Manhattan

by agoodnow

Ten observations –

That was my weekly assignment for the writing class I’m taking. 

Only ten?  I have many, many more observations than ten. 

Now I have to narrow down my ten observations to one.  I will write a story about this one observation.  I saw some scenes out of dark, dark comedies.  It makes for good writing.

But I’m in a good mood right now.  I have no real desire to write about thieves, women who belittle all those around them because they are better than everyone else, or people who walk around the gym with tracks in their arms (yep, that was a good one)

Nope, I’m going to write about something near and dear to my heart.  Something that puts a smile on my face.   You got it.  I’m going to write about a Panda.    You might think…………gee, Andrew….when did you “observe” a panda in the past 6 days? 

Answer: Lower Manhattan.  There is a panda in Bowling Green.  He or she stands there all day.  In a panda costume.  It is pretty awesome.  A person hanging out in a panda outfit with a small tip bucket next to him.  People pay to have their picture taken with the panda. 


I’m going to write about the person under the panda suit.  (and how awesome that person must be)

I think I have a panda problem.