Pre 6 AM wake up

by agoodnow

I woke at 5:55 AM in accordance with my alarm clock.  The alarm opened my eyes, but the sound of the pipes in my building kept me from falling back asleep.  The pipes in a 100 year old building make a good deal of noise the first time they have to produce heat for the year.  A combination of sounds – wrenches banging against metal and steam aching to escape my radiator – fill the air.  It adds to the charm of the building.

After removing my carcass from my bed (and pre 6 am that is all I am, a carcass) I wandered into my kitchen and ate a handful of almonds.  I was so confused as to why I was up so early that I ate nuts. 

I went into my bathroom to realize that (just as I do every morning) I had bed head.  It was signature Andrew bed head.  Left side of my head, hair flipped up like I have wings.  What can I say?  I’m a side sleeper.

I threw some water on my hair in an attempt to weigh them down to their natural (straight) position.  The result – it  looked like I had a wet wing.

Under Armour underwear, Under Armour shorts, Under Armour socks, Under Armour t-shirt, Under Armour sweat pants, New Balance long sleeved shirt, and Under Armour sweatshirt. 

SAT question – which item does not belong?

Off I went………out the door by 6:08. 

First stop.  Coffee.  Small.  Lots of milk.   Interesting enough the barista put steamed milk in my coffee.  Different, but it tasted great.  As a sugar supplement they offered honey.  Delicious.

Coffee in hand, I was ready for some pre dawn yoga.

The yoga teacher had a thick German accent. 

“Vee vill stretch sie spine and vee vill like it”

Aside from her being an intense teacher who I could not understand I liked how she ran her class.  A bit fast paced at times and perhaps advanced for me, but it was a great way to start the day.

I was not my normal lethargic self this morning and my knee pain lessened (though I did ice down my knee for 15 minutes when I got home)  I may start taking morning yoga more often.

I got home and got ready for work, packed my lunch (first time in 6 months I’ve done that), and grabbed a library book that is due today.

The public library is one block from my apartment.  I am ashamed that I only started using it recently.  Unsure of what time it opened, I made the assumption that there would be a drop box or a slot to drop the book in the event that it was not.

Nope.  Not open.  No drop box.  No slot in the door.  Nothing.  Not even a mailbox.  So now I’m carrying this book around all day and I won’t be home until at least 10:30 when (inevitably) the library will once again be closed. 

Maybe I was better off buying books.  I’m going to rack up late fees at an impressive rate.   I guess I’m just not responsible enough to use the public library.