Reasons not to run

by agoodnow

“Don’t over train.  That’s how you get hurt.”

Wise words from a wise man.  I wish I listened to them.

I was planning on running 10 miles today.  Nope, at miles  I decided I wanted to go 16 because I have the brain capacity of a T-Rex.  A really dumb T-Rex.

I will not bore anyone with the mile by mile detail, but there are a couple of things worth mentioning.

I had to stop at mile 13 because my hip felt like it was grinding bone on bone. 

I ran the final 2.5 miles run/walk.  I felt like a pansy, but I was in some rough shape.

I managed to make it a total of 15.5 miles.  Not running the whole time, but not the worst performance I’ve ever had.

It was worth not drinking last night to get this done.

I think I’ll run the Philly half marathon on November 21st.  Thinking my body will not be able to handle the full.

Took 3 Aleve before my run.  Apparently I need to take 3 at mile 12 from here on out.  Though I’m not sure how good that is for the liver………

“Dear liver:  Very sorry for all of this.  I’m sure in a few years cloning will make a new one available for me and you can retire.  Until then please keep up the good work.”

I was tired.  Very little energy.  My legs didn’t feel very quick at any point. Running was entirely mental today.

At one point I said aloud, “Andrew, you are outside.  Running.  On a beautiful day.  There are a lot of people who cannot do this.  Enjoy it.”   Yep, said it out loud.  I need to remind myself that regardless of a little pain in my knee that the ability to go outside and run is a gift.


I leave for a work trip to New Orleans at 7:55 tomorrow morning.  You could say that I’m pretty pissed about spending my entire Sunday working (and yes, we have work to do tomorrow until 8 pm)  I’m really upset actually.  I could use another day to recover from my run.  Oh well, I need the paycheck and this is part of it.

The fact that I have not been drinking lately kind of makes it a little worse that I’m going to New Orleans.

I’m either going to drink way too much down there  OR  “miss out”  on the fun and not go out at night.

I’ll be sure to write about the outcome of that one.


My little sister has been in the hospital for the last few days.  She has some sort of infection in her stomach.  She is doing well, but will be there for a few days yet.   She is a tough little kid, I’m sure she is running up and down the halls of the hospital as I write this.


The San Fransisco Giants and the Texas Rangers are in the World Series. 

Not the matchup I would have picked, but I suppose it is refreshing to see non-east coast teams for a change.  Should be a fun series to watch.


I took a nap today after my run and felt like I was hungover when I woke up.  Dry mouth.  Headache. Aches and pains.  A little out of it. 

The irony.