It's All Goodnow……


I just realized that after getting rid of my facebook page, people no longer comment on the blog. 

That takes some of the fun out of the whole blog concept. 

So, I will kindly ask that people comment directly on this blog.

Here’s why:

1. I am amused by the people who read the blog.  It surprises me.

2. Always looking for feedback on my writing.  Good and bad.  Constructive and downright mean. (I know, I can’t spell)

3. It lets me know I’m not just keeping an online journal to myself.  I would keep a diary if that’s what I wanted.

4. They usually make me smile.

5. Some of them make me laugh.

6. I need to be corrected at times.  Ok, I need to be corrected a lot.

So there you have it.  Comment away.  Let me know what you think.  The good. The bad. The ugly.

The Time to Write

I woke up at 6:30 this morning.  I was tired, but could not manage to fall back asleep.  That’s the worst. 

Got out of bed, dressed, downstairs to get a coffee, breakfast sandwich, back upstairs, and…………….time to write.

I’m trying to get 1,000 words done per day.  Today, that meant writing this morning. 

I am not a morning person.  My thoughts don’t flow.  I’m sporadic.  I find it difficult to concentrate.   Maybe that is why I want to be a writer.  Sleep until 9, take my time waking up.  Write from 10 to noon.  Go for a run.  Eat.  Take a nap.  Wake up, write from 3-5.  Then do my thing for the rest of the day.

Sounds good to me.

Some notes:

I find it amazing that some people can make a career out of being mean and nasty.  Especially at a Fortune 500 company.

I’m reading The Old Mand and the Sea.  

Giants 11 – Rangers 7……………..Didn’t see that coming.

I have a friend. Who is white. Who will be rapping tonight.  In public.  That I will be paying to see. 

My roommate is dead.  I found him on one of the mouse traps I set up.  He just couldn’t resist the peanut butter.

Writing class is going well.  I like writing about things outside of my normal realm of thought.

Is this a heat wave?  It was in the 70’s yesterday.  November is just a few moments away.

“Yo, I’m just sayin he got some gangsta up in him” –  I overheard that statement this morning.  I wonder what it means.

I was invited to a singles event tonight.  Thanks, but I’ll pass on paying $14 to be uncomfortable.

I need a vacation.  Then again, don’t we all?  Who came up with this 9-5 thing?

You know what I like?  Raspberry Snapple.  Though I rarely drink it due to the company’s poor treatment of its former spokesperson……….The Snapple Lady.

I vote for nap time at work.  I would be a happier and more productive employee if I could grab 20 minutes at lunch for  a snooze.

I feel ill from waking up so early.  Let that be a lesson to me. No more waking up early.  Unless it is for Wednesday morning yoga class.

I love me some yoga.