Halloween Costumes

by agoodnow

Fucking weather. Warm, cold, hot, cold…………….talking about/complaining about the weather is boring and mind numbing, but it is what I’m thinking.

And now I’m sick.  I’m sure the New Orleans trip didn’t help me any.  I think I’ve slept a total of 14 hours this week.   When I got up today I must have hit the snooze button 5 or 6 times.   I got up and had a smoker’s cough. It was pleasant.

Just had my weekly review with my boss.  I wanted to review my New Orleans activities, but decided against that as I would end up talking about Bourbon St.

I really don’t feel well today.  All I want to do is go home.  Eat some ice cream.  Take some NyQuil.  Sleep for a few hours.  Repeat until feeling better.

I’m just beat.  I can’t even think right now.  Writing this is a task in itself.

I’m just plain beat.  Glad I’m taking Monday off.  I need it.

Enjoy your weekend.  I’m interested to hear what people are dressing up as for Halloween.  Leave a comment and let me know.

Costumes I do NOT want to see:

Men dressed as Snookie

Lady Gaga anything.  It creeps me out.

Anything Yankees

Costumes I want to see:


Women of Mad Men

Charlie Sheen

Women painted like the Avatar chicks.